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Thanks to Microsoft and a buggy webservice in .Net4, we were able to find a solution by recommending an upgrade to .Net 4.5.. However, that wasn't a very good solution! So I decided that we go back to the original web service method.

- Contains the original web service from the old EZ-Builder (EZ-Cloud and EZ-Bits)
- EZ-Bit Library has a manager to delete EZ-Bits
- Updated EZ-Bit library with new Bits for JD and Six

*Note, it is recommended that you delete all of the items in your EZ-Bit Library after installing this upgrade. Then, you will be able to Sync and get the least EZ-Bits.

1) Load EZ-Builder
2) Press PROJECT from the top menu
3) Press LIBRARY
4) Select MANAGE tab
5) Press REFRESH
7) Press DELETE
8) Answer YES

Now all of your EZ-Bits will be deleted. This is good.:)

1) Switch to DOWNLOAD tab
2) Press SYNC

Now you will have the latest EZ-Bit library. Voila!
I thought there was a easy way to switch from 4.5 to 4.0 ,i know about the add/remove programs and sometimes you remove programs may have a problem but fixing the registry will solve it.

DJ can 4.5 be ok to use on EZ-Builder ,just in case other programs may need it ?
@DJ Good to know. Thanks for correcting me:)
@RICH you said that i should not roll back because other programs may need it,mostly only putting a few on my new laptop mostly robot programs.

SO i should not a problem if i do can transfer to another computer.
United Kingdom
@Antron007 as far as I'm concerned and can see there is no reason to downgrade. EZ-Builder may not need 4.5 framework and runs just fine on 4.0 framework but if you have 4.5 framework installed there are no benefits to downgrading it.

The additions and improvements between 4.0 framework and 4.5 framework are explained here.

Basically, if you have 4.0 EZ-Builder will run just fine, if you have 4.5 EZ-Builder will run just fine too. But I'd still be asking why someone wants to downgrade.
If you've ever attempted to downgrade anything by Microsoft in the past - you will know better than to attempt it now:D
@DJ - I see you know my pain. Being the Nerdiest of my friends and family I get the pleasure of being resident tech support and I've learned the hard way that going backward is not part of the Microsoft vision. *stress*