ARC Release 2013.01.03.00

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First release of the year:) ... Too bad it's not that big of a deal, but recommended upgrade for a few bug fixes.


- Digital_Wait() bug fix, no longer prompts Syntax Error

- Firmware has more debug messages for ppl with issues

- GetPing() bug fix

that's all:)

I was wondering the same thing but some reason it wont install. Its saying that I have a newer version already.

Not really a big deal for now since I am now using a variable. I'll wait for the next update and install it and then try it again.
If you uninstall the old version or just delete your current EZ-Builder.exe file and you should be able to install the new one.

Just deleting the current EZ-Builder.exe file will not work. I had the same problem and had to uninstall the program through Control Panel. Once uninstalled I was able to install the new version.
The installer seems to have an issue with 2013! Interesting:) I put a new version up that should fix that.
That's 'cause it thought it was the end of the world silly.
United Kingdom
Am I the only one to notice the release date on the title says 2012?..