ARC Release 2012.11.30.00

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How do you create the worlds easiest, most scable and powerful Robot Control Software? I started by making it do what I wanted. Then I listen to what the community wanted. And finally, I spent countless hours developing and innovating hundreds of features.

Introducing... EZ-Builder

This release focuses mostly on EZ-Builder's built-in scripting language. EZ-Script was originally designed to be used for scripting actions and servo positions. Then we started adding conditional statements for custom behaviours. Even though we implemented other scripting controls (C# and VB), they lacked an integrated command syntax to control specific EZ-Builder features. This meant EZ-Script continued to grow and evolve. Before we knew it, EZ-Script had become a full featured programming language.

EZ-Script is very fast. It is actually incredibly fast and full featured. This release adds even more features to the powerful EZ-Script programming language only found in EZ-Builder.

- EZ-Script performance optimizations
- EZ-Script supports If/ElseIf/Else
- EZ-Script supports multiple comparisons
- EZ-Script math functions (Sin, Cos, Abs, Round)
- Camera Control creates EZ-Script variables for the detected Object's Width and Height



$y = Sin(5)
$y = Round($y, 2)
$y = Abs($y)

if (GetServo(D5) = 5)
print("Servo 5")
elseIf (GetServo(d5) = 7)
print("Servo 7")

if ($y = 5 or ($y = 3 and GetServo(D5) = 2))
print("Super yes!")
print("Who knows")

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@dj can you make each new download so that it is only the new part not all the program
bec my internet is crazy slow
Holy crap DJ you the man. This is another great update. I hate having to wait till Christmas to start working on it.

DJ thanks for all your hard work
Awesome, can't say anything else!
Got my speedsensor sort of working, this wil fit in great with speed calculations:D