ARC Release 2012.11.13.00

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Software Information
This update includes many interface enhancements and a few new features. This is a recommended update.

Here are some statistics for camera detection methods:
- Glyph Detection: ~2700 Ticks (<= 1ms)
- Motion Detection: ~6000 Ticks (<= 3ms)
- Face Detection (detected face): 14000 Ticks (<= 7ms)
- Face Detection (no face): 65000 Ticks (<= 31ms)
- Color Detection: 3200 Ticks (<= 1ms)

- New UI windowing engine
- New webserver engine
- HTTP Remote Control update
- Check For New Updates includes "View Release Notes" shortcut
- Some controls contain their name within the control opposed to just title bar (for lengthy names)
- Script Flow enhancement
- Camera control supports Motion JPEG streaming
- HTTP Server includes static camera view which can now be viewed from another EZ-Builder instance
- TCP Server includes Password Protection
- MP3 Audio fix
- Camera includes FULL SCREEN button (rather than window maximize option)
- Send Serial bug fix for Strings
- Disables menu options when HTTP Server is running (prevents Open/New/Save/Etc)
- Camera timing for servo response increased


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Finally I can continue with my project:) Thanks man!
I can't install this version, the program said that "a new version of this program is already installed" *stress*
I don't have that problem. Always uninstall your old version, and reboot, before installing the new one, don't install over the existing one, that's called dirty install and sometime can cause problems.
This is the first time it happen to me, all the older versions installed just fine.
Same thing happened to me. I completely Uninstalled first, then it installed fine.

Thank you for the continuous updates @DJ

I am noticing strange little glitches that might be related to my main project file, is there a way to generate a list of settings and scripting from a project that can be printed, in order to make it easier to rebuild from scratch?

And I have discovered two issues in this latest release:

A) In server/client mode, any servo release command on the client side actually sets the server connected servo to go to 100

B) When loading any saved project onto a PC that has a different (smaller) screen resolution and lots of controls that fill the screen, there seems to be a forced auto arrange (even if that feature is turned off). Totally messes up any prior control panel arrangement. I have not seen this happen before and I am constantly cross-loading projects between all my computers.