ARC Release 2012.10.15.00

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Software Information
This update is for a few enhancements and fixes to the items listed. I recommend updating to this version if you use any of the items that have been altered.:)

Builder Changes:
- Bug fix in AutoPositioner for duplicate Frame displayed
- Bug fix in AutoPositioner when deleting Frame used in Action
- New EZ-Script command: SayWait()
- Shortcut Creator bug fix to not give error when not all items have been selected
- SendSerial() supports variables
- i2cWrite() supports variables

SDK Changes:
- 47 Examples
- Video Player/Recorder
- Realtime video
- Enhanced tracking
- Multiple Joystick support
- AR Parrot Drone selectable camera
Hey DJ, I have noticed a couple of issues that may or may not be a glitch at my end... or something with EZ-Builder

1st - HTTP server connects and shows live action just fine, camera or other control info constantly show adjustments, but after making a single mouse click on anything, I must refresh (or stop and refresh, depending on browser) in order to make another click... The live display continues throughout, just no control except click, refresh, click, refresh, repeat ad nauseum:( The host PC is an Acer net-book running Win 7 HP and the control PC is a desktop running Win 7 Ultimate. I have tried IE9, Firefox and Chrome. No firewall issues that I can see.

2nd - I removed and re-installed EZ-Builder onto my D: drive on my net-book (the C: is only a 8GB SSD and almost full). Problem is that I am unable to load any previously saved projects:
User-inserted image

Removing and re installing back on C: resolved the issue... but I really need to use D: drive for most everything.

You have any suggestions?
There is no reason i can think of that would prevent the software from loading files off any drive letter. Maybe the EZB file is damaged? Post your EZB file
I did try a couple of EZB files, some local others on the cloud... same result. Here is the file I am working with the most.Gunnerator.EZB

Any idea on the HTTP issue?

And, thanks:)
no idea on the http issue. what browser are you using?
I have tried IE9, Firefox and Chrome. No firewall issues that I can see. Everything else works, but when I click once, the little yellow dot shows where I clicked, then no more clicking allowed until refresh... and yet all other info/video is still streaming.

Meanwhile, if I have time, I will try again using my work PC to connect to my net-book at home.
Well I can confirm that it is NOT an issue with any of my PCs or my home network... I tried using the HTTP server on two PCs at work (and obviously a different LAN network :)) with the exact same result, click, refresh, click. Same result from work to home PC via WAN (internet).

The only time I got it to work properly was on a dual screen PC using EZ-B on one screen and a browser on the other:P Which mad me realize something else... EZ-B insists on being in the foreground... is that necessary?