EZ-Builder Release 2012.08.18.00

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Are you running out of workspace from too many Scripting Controls? This latest release of EZ-Builder includes a new control: The Script Manager. It is a control that contains EZ-Scripts! Now you can combine your scripts into the Script Manager and free up your desktop.

- New Control: Script Manager
- New EZ-Script Command: Browser()
- New EZ-Script Command: Exec()
- New Example for Script Manager (Wall-e Big Script Manager)
- EZ-Script bug fix with Goto Labels


That's a great new feature. I just tidied up my Wall-E project.

Would it be possible on your next update to add "Move Up/Down" so
we can re-arrange/group our scripts in Script Manager?

I'm just getting back to playing with EZ-Builder and all the new updates
I've fallen behind on in the last month.

Still need to get my EZ-B repaired and up and running again. :-(
DJ, you are amazing! Never thought of a carreer at Nasa ? I think they would benefit a great deal for the next generation of Mars robots.

Finally tinkered with Script Manager. LOVE IT. I can see the whole script name and window is resizeable. After I copied my old scripts into it I noticed right away I really should have consolidated a couple. This is visually appealing to me. Thank you!