EZ-Builder Release 2012.06.22.00

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Software Information
This release of EZ-Builder features support for the WowWee RoboQuad! Using the similar modification as the RoboSapien, you can connect two wires from the EZ-B to the RoboQuad to enable full control. Watch the video for a wiring tutorial and demonstration:)

- RoboQuad Movement Panel
- RoboQuad EZ-Script Commands


You made the scripting help on joystick configuration resizable a couple of releases ago, but i'm still having a problem: The bottom half of the buttons and the 'Save' button are outside the screen....

My screen is only 800x480 *blush*
LOL @Niek, i don't think there is anything i can do for a resolution that small. The vertical objects take up more than that space. I'll add the ALT-S shortcut for saving for you.
Now, if you could do this for Icybie, I'd name my first born after You!!!
Actually, I already have a First Born, but I'll call Him "DJ", from now on!!!!:)