EZ-Builder Release 2012.06.10.00

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Software Information
This is a small update with a few new commands and example projects. Now your robot can tell jokes with the joke example.:) To find updates, look under File->Examples within EZ-Builder.

- New command "RSSSayDescription" - only say the description peice of the RSS feed
- New example - C# Day Of The Week - reads the day of the week
- New Example - Camera - Demonstrates how to control the camera from EZ-Script
- New Example - RSS Jokes - Shows how to have your robot tell jokes
- New Example - RSS Weather - Demonstrates how your robot can tell you the weather
Nice work!!! DJ did you get to update the 4800 baud rate for sendserial?
Louis, the 4800 is a firmware update and your request is added within the list. Firmware is different than an EZ-Builder update:)

The firmware is very complicated assembler machine code and is modified under strict development planning and testing. 10,000 lines of assembler:)
Right...gotcha! Sorry don't know what i was thinking:)
@louis, i know you're eager to try that mp3 player out. i'm eager to see it work:) i think we're about 2 weeks away from the next firmware:D hope you can hold out!
That's awesome...Wall-E is keeping me busy for two more weeks for sure:)