EZ-Builder Release 2012.05.24.00

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- Wii Control no longer requires A button to be pressed to stop movement
- Wii Control has faster response
- Joystick/Speech Recognition/Twitter Recognition have adjustable panes for script help on low resolution displays
- servo controls have "Center" button
I have some ideas DJ... maybe in the next release you can add in the same panel the option to use 2 cameras at the same time... for example one camera for the front and the other for the back...

good job!
There are currently 182 items in the list and growing daily. Features are added and grouped based on code areas that are modified. This prevents from having to re test the entire application and sdk each time. Now that we have users like NASA, and others - we have QA processes

Feel free to use the sdk or c# or vb controls to create you own and share on the cloud or with me directly. I will add any controls made by contributors that follow our vision and usability:)
NASA is buying ezb ? Are they buying it.in bulk for experiments?
EZB to the moon and beyond!