EZ-Builder Release 2011.11.05.00 - RAD

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Hello! Welcome to the RAD Release:)


- EZ-Builder v2011.11.05.00
- EZ-B Firmware v14


- I2C commands (start, stop, read, write, ack, etc)
- Auto Release servo control. Automatically releases servos from holding positions after the specified number of seconds
- After testing with 10 different servo brands, the servo timing has been modified to accept their range
- Uart/Serial timing accuracy increased for picky devices
- All EZ-B ports float and servos stop when connection is lost or dropped. No more run-away robots

i2c Changes

The i2c interface has been modified in the SDK and EZ-Builder Scripting. The commands do not change the 1st bit (LSB) for 0 (Write) or 1 (Read) for you. To give full control to the user, the software can not change those bits. This is because some devices are unusual and do not require those bits to be modified. We're trying to cover all devices, and this means more i2c commands.

Now you would need to do the following to send a color change request of Red:255, Green: 10, Blue, 50 to a BlinkM on address 0x09:


i2cWrite(0x12, 'c', 255, 10, 50)

This is because the LSB is used (on some devices) for the direction of data 0 (Write) and 1 (Read). You will need to use the Windows Calculator to shift your bits over by one to set the Write or Read bit. You can simply multiple your address by 2 to get a 0 (Write) on the first bit. Or multiple your address by 2 and add 1 to get 1 (Read) on the first bit.:)

For more information on i2c, I suggest you read: www.robot-electronics.co.uk/acatalog/I2C_Tutorial.html

Post any questions and I'll hopefully be able to help you out:)

Enjoy! *cool*
United Kingdom
Well V13 didn't last long...

What does 'RAD' stand for? appreciate the no more run aways the time I have had to chase after my Omnibot when the battery goes low and the connection drops but he keeps motoring on into the furniture

The I2C stuff looks really interesting so would love to see what devices can be controlled so post your ideas everyone

Cheers DJ
v13 was alright:) v14 has more features. v15 will have even more:D

RAD stands for Radical:) Something reminded me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the other day. Thought of RAD! haha
In V15 will you be able to include a command like WhenServoBetween(1, 36). This will mean that the script will only continue until the servo is between these two values. Can you also add WaitUntilTimeBetween(9, 30, 10, 0) The first value could be the lowest hour, the second the lowest minute, the third the highest hour and the fourth the highest. I am not sure if they will be particularly useful but they would be for me. There are actually so many things that could be added that would be useful. Also commands like wait until a joystick button is pressed, wait until a voice command is given and the script that is started when what you said is not in the list of voice recognition phrases. All of these would be amazingly helpful. But only if they are possible for you and your busy schedule.