EZ-Builder Android 2014.01.21.00

Download and install the latest EZ-Builder robot programming software to experience these updates.

Download EZ-Builder
Control your robot from Android by downloading the Android EZ-Builder Robot App here: www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder

This version adds support for the new EZ-Script Compiler. You will need to update to this version for support of the EZ-Builder for Windows 2014.01.21.00 version

cool .does the mic also work on pc.
The Mic works on a PC and Mobile. Everything that is on EZ-Builder works on the PC
do i need the v4 first before i can use the mic?
Yes - the v3 does not have audio output. You can download EZ-Builder and install on your computer. From there, all controls are accessible to you. If you were to load the control, pressing the ? button will give you a help page. The controls specific to the v4 will mention that they are specific to the v4 in the help manual.
I didn't realize how cool this app was until last night that started playing with it. It allows me to control my old ez-b without any computer! I can't wait to receive my pre-order so I can geek out with my kids. Any ideas about iOS realizes?

Thanks DJ, this app rocks!
The iOS app is being developed along side android - they are essentially the same. We won't release the iOS until it has more features though - because iOS is a more complicated process to release through the iTunes App Store , etc...
Are you going to provide any Android SDK, or Phonegap plugins? That would be just awesome.
Are you going to use Google play? Because I think that is more efficient when the update arrives automatically ?