Android 2014.01.21.00

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Software Information
Control your robot from Android by downloading the Android ARC Robot App here:

This version adds support for the new EZ-Script Compiler. You will need to update to this version for support of the ARC for Windows 2014.01.21.00 version

cool .does the mic also work on pc.
The Mic works on a PC and Mobile. Everything that is on ARC works on the PC
do i need the v4 first before i can use the mic?
Yes - the v3 does not have audio output. You can download ARC and install on your computer. From there, all controls are accessible to you. If you were to load the control, pressing the ? button will give you a help page. The controls specific to the v4 will mention that they are specific to the v4 in the help manual.
I didn't realize how cool this app was until last night that started playing with it. It allows me to control my old ez-b without any computer! I can't wait to receive my pre-order so I can geek out with my kids. Any ideas about iOS realizes?

Thanks DJ, this app rocks!
The iOS app is being developed along side android - they are essentially the same. We won't release the iOS until it has more features though - because iOS is a more complicated process to release through the iTunes App Store , etc...
Are you going to provide any Android SDK, or Phonegap plugins? That would be just awesome.
Are you going to use Google play? Because I think that is more efficient when the update arrives automatically ?