Windows Release 2016.11.04.00

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*NOTE: It is important that all IoTiny users update to the latest firmware installed with this application.

- IoTiny Firmware resolves issue where unit may become unresponsive if attempting connection to a network with incorrect credentials and reset button will fail to respond

- New EZ-Script command: fmttimespan()

- plugin can intercept EZ-Script function calls for user definable functions (example: Tutorial is here: . A native EZ-Script version is in the works as well.

- Fixes Parenthesis in string error (
Looks like you fixed that pop up message from Windows 10 about an unrecognized app.

Installed without warnings on my two systems

DJ, with the new version did something change he way HTTPGET works? The files that get downloaded now look all different.
I reused this update msg for the the parenthesis fix