Windows Release 2016.05.06.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- checkbox enable/disable which custom objects to detect for object tracking

- rgb 8x8 display fix

- significant re-write of the camera control and underlying SDK

- camera detection returns detected variables for multiple tracking types or multiple detected objects. If multiple objects are detected, a variable is created for each one. The number of variables is specified in the Scripting/Variables tab of the camera config

- display color name in the object location field and set the variable (this is for both custom color and predefined colors)

- EZ-SDK is updated as well
Why don't the release notes no longer appear when clicking on "release notes" when a new version is released?. This one was only detected after a specific search.
Thanks for the heads up @vdcauter - it's working now:)