Windows Release 2016.04.28.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Audio processor to lower the dac audio noise (only works when an audio file or speech has completed without pressing STOP). If you let an audio file play entirely, the DAC will exit with a lower volume, resulting in less "buzz" from the speaker.

- adjust audio prebuffer for v4 mini during connection

- do not display the "move arrows" when hovering over the port select button of the Auto Position config when editing frames. moving a servo in Auto Position config is done by draging the servo border

- process all video buffer data before getting more from the tcp client. This prevents lagging video for slower or overworked cpu's
United Kingdom
hi tried to download ARC for windows 7 64 bit when i try to run the installer it gives an error box saying its not compatable with my windows version, check if you need 32 bit or 64bit contact software provider ,tried on 64 bit laptop and 64 bit desktop with the same error can somebody point me in the right direction

sorted file name extension had changed renamed and all is well:D
I just installed on 64bit Windows 7 without issue.

I do need to install from a command line because even though I have admin rights on my work computer, a group policy prevents installing directly from MSI files.

If you open a command prompt "as admin" and then run the following command (adjusting for the path to your download folder) it may work for you.


msiexec /i "C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads\ARC installer.msi"

United Kingdom
Thanks but it was some other software that I loaded for my 3D printer, it changed all downloaded files to .STL I renamed them to .EXE when it should of been .MSI realised my error and it installed with no problem. I have lots to learn about ez-robots and a 3D printer.
Just like to applaud EZ-robot ordered from the shop Thursday getting delivered Tuesday:D Just had to pay the duty no UK-based shop had what I wanted. :(
Ah, I missed your edit of your original post. Good deal.