Windows Release 2015.07.03.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- new radar scanner for Ping and Sharp IR

- TCP Server uses less resources

- capta required to stop presenting LEARN popup when loading ARC for those who are too quick to DO NOT SHOW AGAIN without actually taking the time to follow the tutorials that we put a lot of effort into:)

- Cheat Sheet and Right click on script sorts controls and ControlCommands() alphabetically

- Script editor allows disabling of Intellisense popup

- display ez-b v4 camera image size on camera control

- made the CREATE button easier to see for servo Profile when loading new projects

- show a "connect to the internet" message if trying to view connection tutorial when connected to the ez-b or when pressing ? (question mark) buttons
Now that's service! The Intellisense feature that was commented on in thread, changed within hours! I like this change to that feature and controls and CC being listed alphabetically. I haven't looked at the other changes yet but I'm sure they are good enhancements too. Thanks DJ.
Love this update. I've been hoping for a way to list commands alphabeticaly for a long time. It was always a adventure trying to find the command I'm looking for.