Windows Release 2015.03.17.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- This release contains a few fixes, it is recommended update

- Save Button in Mobile Interface Builder for Button Object saves background color

- ServoSpeed() fix
United Kingdom

Thanks for the fixes DJ.:D
I had purchased EZ-B to make Real Wall-E
can u please help me with the mobile app to control Wall-e
United Kingdom

Start by reading how to use the
mobile app in the learn section of the website which will tell you how to use it. Also the mobile interface in ARC has a little "?" Icon on the top right of the window which is a help button and describes how to use it (almost every control has this).
Thanks for that

But when i am opening the legacy robots tab, in it opening the Wall-e big project & connecting the ez-robot. the voice recognition is not working? it is not taking the command input tried several times. please send me the solution
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Please press the ? (question mark) on controls for help. In your case, you need to press the ? (question mark) on the Speech Recognition control to read help. You need to train your computer to understand your voice. Please follow the instructions to train your voice.

It appears you have skipped all tutorials and have not read any tutorials.

This window should be familiar with you. It is displayed every time you load ARC.

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Thanks for your reply. I am glad that DJ Sures CEO of EZ-robot world best Roboticist replied for my query. I have be a Huge Fan of EZ-Robot & the founder DJ from past 4years.

Please help me with few doubt for the building of Real Wall-E.
Thank you for the kind words:)

I installed release 2015.03.17 a while back, now I am trying to update to 2015.07.13.00 and I get an error.

I have downloaded the new release .msi file over the old one (so I do not have a copy of the old .msi version).

When I try to uninstall the old version I get the following windows error (win7 64bit);

"The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable"

The source is pointing to the original location of the .msi I used during installation which is a NAS drive. The error window gives me the option to select an alternate source. So I copy the current .msi (2015.07.17) file to my C: drive and select it, and then get the following error...

"The file ....ARC Installer.msi" is not a valid installation package for the product ARC. Try to find the installation package 'ARC Installer.msi' in a folder from which you can install ARC.

From all this I am assuming I need the old 2015.03.17 msi package to uninstall the software before I can install the new software, because the new package will not let me uninstall the old one.

Can you help me download the old 2015.03.17 package please to test my theory.