Windows Release 2014.10.26.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- http server supports camera image streaming tag

- new EZ-Script command: ClearVariable() to remove a variable from the stack

- Here is an example for the custom web server: HTTPCustomWebServer.EZB

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This is a great addition.... It's like being able to create a custom interface for ez buider like you can with ez mobile.:)
I am probably being daft, but I can't find the example for HTTP custom server.... doesn't seem to be in the example folder...
Oh, you're right... that project seems to not be included in the latest release - guess it's shy. I'll have a chat with it for the next release.

As for the example, it's pretty easy... Here it is: HTTPCustomWebServer.EZB

This is still a prototype control, so there's a few things not completed at the time of this writing - such as the Config button does not display the locate of the HTML files. Which is your My Documents\HTTP Server Root
Hope that's a pic of you flying 1st class! Any good news from this trip that you can share with us peasants?
Thanks for the update. Glad you're putting your flight time from China to good use. Are you getting frequent flying miles for all this travel?