Windows 2014.02.03.00

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This release updates the EZ-Cloud interface. The new interface includes a multi threaded loading screen. This means that the information for each online project load slowly - which makes the interface more responsive. Also, there are filtering details and sorting as well.


- 3D Print Button when viewing EZ-Bits defaults to MakerBot MakerWare application (if installed)

- EZ-Cloud Saving allows specifying the EZ-B version

- EZ-Cloud Open has multi threaded loading and file filtering with search

- EZ-Cloud File Versioning is working. Every time you save a file, the history is recorded. Now you can go back in time and restore to any historical version of your saved files.

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United Kingdom

Speaking of the cloud, does the pushvar() command work yet (as mentioned in this topic)?
PushVar and PullVar work, just there is no administration interface yet. I'm not sure what it's status is - i'll look into it this week
Awesome Update. Especially That First Picture:) I Can't Wait To Mess With This When I Get Home.