Release 2019.12.13.00

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Spooky Friday the 13th software release... And it's the greatest!


- Fixed sharpen image option for camera

- internal camera frame memory copy routines handle negative stride bitmaps even though I'm not sure why they're a thing

- Scripting variable manager has an event for when variable values have changed for plugins

- removed a timer on displaying connection status on mobile app that should have been an event. saved resources

- Re-using as many objects as possible between video frames (less creating and disposing of objects that get reused)

- Using direct memory copy of output video frame so the same memory gets re-used for every frame

- Drawing video feed on canvases using direct memory copies (i.e. blockly, RoboScratch & mobile interface)

- New Invokers uses Actions() rather than delegates, so it's much faster when getting and setting ui control values/parameters

- don't log errors while the application is closing

- New camera capture library that is 2-3% less cpu

- Sound servo is in stereo. Populates left and right channel variables of highest sound per poll

- Camera device displays skipped frames due to image processing being busy with tracking types

- resized some controls for better real estate

- invert full range of servos

- servo control uses events rather than timer

- added new events for controls adding/removing and projects load completed for plugins

- changed GetServoPosition to return the invert value if specified for servo (Vertical/horizontal) controls for plugins
cognitive vision , emotions, description?
All works great now with the new release

Aha ha,that vid is so cool!:)