Release 2019.01.26.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

Change Details

- Possible memory leak/bug fix: properly shutdown Cef when ARC closes

- added GetServoRealtime() to manual which was missing from last update

- mobile interface loads into ARC pc viewer and allows switching interfaces with the ShowControl() ezscript command

- fixed a bug with task manager where queue completed event may not always execute

- cheatsheet shows ShowControl("blockly")

- Modified logic to support the XL430 robotis dynamixel servo, which requires the Torque enabled to be manually set

Here is a demonstration of the full screen mobile interface in EZ-Builder
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EZ history with DJ
Actually just downloaded the new Beta version but I noticed this video you made, great video by the way,History of how you developed EZB controller and your Doctor who robots collection (I want to build a large Dalek after my Terminator and Cylon are done). My question is with so many updates that keep coming every few months, how much longer will support for EZB-3 continue, I love the one I have, I think it just looks nicer with the L.e.d's and bluetooth and using it combined with EZ-4 is always fun and extra servo control,sensor control is way better with EZ-3 due to the voltages.Just wondering. Ya I know I asked the same questiom about a year ago but just trying to keep EZ-3 alive long as possible,LOL!
EZ-B v3 will be continued to support in ARC for ever. With the addition of Arduino (and soon a few other controllers), the EZ-B v3 falls in that category
:DThat is the news I wanted to hear!