Release 2019.01.04.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Fixed plugin support for accessing the camera preview panel (needed for

- allow plugin to move to different desktops by right clicking in title bar

- plugins save the desktop that they're added to

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Thanks for fixing the desktops thing.  I and a lot of other people have been struggling with that (like to keep the main desktop just for interactive objects, and move all automation to desktop 2 or 3).
It’s been long over due but a pain to do lol. Some bits of code are deep in the depths of dependencies - that could be devastating to the universe as we know it! 

I think this will help with Will’s presentation at CES, so I wanted to get it ready for him
OMG YAY! I was literally going leave the computer in sleep mode at the end of each day so i wouldn't have to load and lose their places....much much appreciated. Thank you!