Release 2018.12.17.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


Removed MYO behavior control because a more feature rich version exists as a plugin

Video in media tab of camera control has support for bitrate option

The workspace background color can be specified in the project details, next to the same option as selecting the background image

Fixed issue in Auto Position config screen when New Frame was pressed before selecting frame from list (

Auto position has a new button for Releasing servos to manually move them by hand (i.e. when reading servo positions)

Auto position has a new button to Get and Set positions if bi-directional servos are being used to save positions to frames

Auto position frame rename/delete/jump to buttons have been removed and replaced with Right Click on a frame and a menu pops up with the options

Support for reading bi-directional sevo positions (

New EZ-Script command GetServoRealtime() which queries bi-directional servos for their current position, if moved by hand (i.e. dyamixel servos)

New i2c control for 3 in 1 sensor