Release 2018.03.06.00

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- global application exception handling for better error diagnostic

- added a priority to the controls when a project is loaded so the camera always loads before anything that binds to its new frame event (

- new control: Sentiment Detection (

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I like the new sentiment detector. I can use that to simulate an emotional status based on conversation.
I am hoping the help/tutorial page gets fleshed out a little bit. How do I pass the sentiment value via scripting? The Cheat Sheet only shows how to pass a variable to the control.
I don't understand the question - can you give me an example?
Right now I can only get the sentiment value to display in the plugin window. How can I take that sentiment % that is displayed and assign a variable name to it so I can use that value in scripts.

I am wondering if I need something like this;


GetControlValue( windowName, ControlCommandValues )
Gets a value from the window by its name. Look further down in this document for available ControlCommand() parameters under the ControlCommand Values section.
Example: $x = GetControlValue( "ADC Graph", pause )
You would use a variable. I believe the variable for this control is $SentimentPercentage. You can find out more about variables using this great The Robot Program episode...

You can view variables by using the Variable Watcher. Please consult the manual to recognize that the variable watcher is a debug tool and not meant for everyday use of your robot project in a production environment:

For more episodes on programming, check out The Robot Program and select your product - have fun!:D

PS, there's additional information on using this control in its manual page here:
Thanks a lot DJ.
Anytime:) excited to see what you do with it!
Hey DJ, I watched that video earlier today on program logic variables and it is great to see that as I was figuring it all out by myself over the last 6 months. I still sometimes make my scripts over complicated and then get frustrated when it won't do what I want properly. Then wait a few days to calm down ,see the mistakes, correct and then simplify the script. I am mainly writing the logic in windows ,then modify for mobile use on my cell phone to control the robot at different locations. The mobile sonar scripting is always more difficult for the cell phone but am becoming more expert after much trial and error,testing. Just wanted to say keep up those great tutorial videos,they really help!