Release 2017.01.22.00

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- Blockly fix where variables and Auto Position and controlcommands don't always refresh when a workspace is loaded

- check for correct file type when loading project by verifying extension

- wait for speech enhancement (also displays detected confidence)

- wait for speech has a global minimum confidence setting located in Preferences
blockly has longer wait for speech timeout for default

- fix for script edit control reloading saved script

- fix when editing scripts in grid views (speech recognition, twitter recognition, etc) where NULL value error was displayed

I'm having a problem with the Custom Movement Control on this version.

If I create a script for a command, its not saved, even though if I go back to look at the script it shows a multi-line script has been entered.

User-inserted image

If I click edit pencil, it defaults to Blockly and if I click EZ-Script, the script I entered is gone

User-inserted image

I verified that this does not happen on my other laptop running 2017.01.17.00

In fact, If I create the script there and save it to The EZ-Cloud Apps Store the script does not show up when load on my other system running 2017.01.20.00, but continues to show up if download from the cloud to my 2017.01.17.00 system

Is there some default I need to set to pick EZ-Script over blockly?