Release 2013.12.20.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This release has GUI improvements and enhancements to the EZ-Script compiler. You should experience a noticeable performance increase in EZ-Script compile time.

I also created a custom drop-down textbox that is used in a few places. Specifically the Connection Control and Camera Control.
New Zealand
Hey @DJSures...

I'm now getting an error whenever I terminate a script with the HALT() command from within a previously written program.

The Debug returns the line error and writes...
"This BackgroundWorker states that it doesn't support cancellation. Modify WorkerSupportsCancellation to state that it does support cancellation.

Using Win8.1 Pro authenticated and up to date.

United Kingdom
I get the same error.

ARC has also made my PC run very slow after running a project (attached).

This is the project I was testing out if it's of any use to see why it's gone slow and for the halt() errors
PingRoam1.2.020131119.EZB (I know I could remove the Halt() commands to make it work)
My PC seems to run fine with this version of ARC, however as mentioned the Halt() command does cause an error...
United Kingdom
Updated my post. It seems the project I was running probably caused the slow down as I have checked it a few times since with different projects and it's been fine. It may be to do with Halt(), it may be something entirely different or it may have just been a one off. I'll check again on another PC (or the same spec and it's a high spec 8 core cpu, more ram than you can shake a stick at etc.)