Release 2013.11.21.00

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Hi! This is a release with a few of the new features available on the [sku:40].

- Speech control section is now renamed to Audio
- New Audio Microphone control. Streams recorded audio from your PC microphone to the [sku:40]
- Camera Control added support for EZ-B v4 Camera
- Connection Control with support for EZ-B v4 Camera
- Soundboard v4 support for streaming WAV/MP3 audio to [sku:40]
- EZ-Script commands for adjusting Volume of [sku:40] speaker
- EZ-Script command for speech synthesis that speaks out of the [sku:40]
@DJ Sures, Excellent, I can hardly wait to use this with the new board.
Also, is there also going to be a saywait feature for the sayEZB? For example saywaitEZB?
I love the saywait feature, and would love to get rid of this Bluetooth speaker in my project.

Again, Great Job!:)
United Kingdom
Control LEDs as in how? On/Off? If so what's wrong with the normal Set() and PWM() commands?

P.S. Great update:)