Release 2013.07.27.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This release contains a few fixes for the new compiler. Thanks for all the testing:)

- Sketchpad points to help when question mark is pressed

- SendSerial() fix
Just download this latest version and I think I found a Bug with the Camera Dialog.

I was making the wiring on my robot neater and moved some ports around. When I changed the X Camera servo to D11 and click save. I get a dialog box with what appears to be an error message. "Video Title Text Syntax error: Invalid token in expression:[www.ez]". All I changed was the X Camera Servo. I did not change anything else. I am making the updates one step at a time as I go and saving in between. I have attached a image of the error.
Visit the MEDIA tab in the Config and add quotes around the title text, like so ""

The new compiler is compliant to programming language standards - and all text will require quotes.:)
The quotes around the "" fixed the error message.

Thanks for the quick response. I was afraid I might need to revert a previous version.

I knew it had to do with the media tab in the camera dialog, but had no clue what changed on it since I haven't had the need to modify any of the data on that tab yet.

I am pleased to say that you usually fix all this kind of stuff automatically when the project loads into a new version from an older one; so it kind of surprises me that I need to make a change manually. It is a easy fix and it is good to get it documented as I am sure that others will be caught by the change too.
That's what is awesome about this community - everyone is so helpful!

You're right, I always try to ensure the transition is smooth. This compiler one isn't as easy to automatically detect. The compiler changes are to ensure our compliance for programming language standards for our education involvements. Since we are in many schools and increasing - it's important we're helping teach kids:D

Is it normal that the "move" function does not work ?
My code is "Move(D13,Forward)" in Movement Script Config.
thank you