Release 2013.06.11.00

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A few small updates for EZ-Robot Revolution Beta...


- New EZ-Script command Min()
- New EZ-Sctipt command Max()
- Auto download EZ-Bits when opening project
- Auto download uncertified EZ-Bits when opening project
United Kingdom
The commands should be in the script manual to the right of the script dialogue. I've literally just updated so haven't used them but max returns the higher of the 2 values specified and min returns the lower.

So I guess a quick example could be;


$lowlevelping = GetPing(D0,D1)
$highlevelping = GetPing(D2,D3)
$lowping = Min($lowlevelping, $highlevelping)
$highping = Max($lowlevelping, $highlevelping)

If ($lowping < 10)