Release 2013.01.05.00

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I got the year right!:)


- QR Code now has "Not Found Script", which will execute when ever a QR Code isn't found in the list (View Examples->EZScript->Functions->Camera->QR Code)

- QR Code stores the QR Text in a specified variable.

- New EZ-Script command: SubString() extracts part of a string within a string

- New EZ-Script command: IndexOf() returns the character position of the string within a string

- New EZ-Script command: Contains() returns TRUE or FALSE if a string is found within a string

- QR Code Encoder Control. Create your own QR Codes on the fly within EZ-Builder, save, print and copy to clipboard

- Recorder displays total time, position, and number of events

- Firmware Upgrade includes more information for people who don't want to read tutorials... even after all the hard work we put into making those fancy videos:D

Examples for all new EZ-Script commands can be found under Examples->EZ Script->Functions within EZ-Builder

A note on the recorder... I have tested it with 10,000 events over 5 minutes with no errors. The size is going to be dependent on your available memory. Remember, ARC is SUPER efficient and amazingly optimized for slow processors - but memory is something we can't optimize any further. Fact is, the larger your robot project, the more memory it uses:)
New Zealand
Absolutely awesome....

Thanks DJ Sure!
I'm fascinated with this update! I look forward taste the recorder, Thanks Dj!:P

Where can I get info on how to construct a haas cascade file? I want to try shape recognition.

United Kingdom
Try this link click here I have experimented with quite a few Haar xml files and ARC. It looks like a long process to create your own though and this example file for the pen worked but doesn't use a lot of samples so its a bit hit and miss. It would be great if there was some software to automate the whole process and create a 'trained' xml file. Open CV is the place to start
Thanks. Seems quite involved.

Also, it would be great if I could just hire someone to create the files for me.
United Kingdom
Harr cascades are something I will be looking in to more when my build. I have briefly looked at it and there are some downloadables out there, how good they work I don't know.

As @Winstn60 suggested, OpenCV is a good starting point (probably the best place to look in all honesty).

More OpenCV info