Release 2012.11.15.00

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Software Information
The latest ARC Robot Control Software includes many new enhancements! High joystick response resolution, and Interface enhancements. Over the last few releases, we have been changing the user interface... With these changes there are many subtle enhancements and updates.

- HTTP Server Control displays logged in users and their respective ip address
- Script Flow window no longer moves other windows around when openned
- Pressing ESC when Add Control no longer Auto Arranges (if set)
- Fix for Camera Control causing a lock-up when exiting
- Did You Know start-up window removed. It's encouraged to use Tutorial Walk-Through
- Loading large projects on low screen resolution organizes windows correctly


User-inserted image
I see days of coding have left ya a bit scruffy.:)
Winter's coming fast up dar in Canada, ya know hay. Ya gotta grow da beard ta keep warm!:P

Seriously DJ, thanks for all the hard work and great upgrades!

Dave Schulpius
Thank you so much DJ for all hard work, I am very happy with all the latest improvement in ARC. Would it be possible to add cut, copy and paste capability in EZ script in a future update?