Release 2012.08.27.00

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You've created your robot and would like more control and more buttons? Joysticks are great! But not applicable to all applictions... So this release introduces a new control which allows movement with arrow keys, and assignments of any key to scripts.

- New Control: Key Control (located under Scripts)
- New EZ-Script reserved words ($day, $month, $year, etc.)
- New EZ-Script Example ("Say Day Of Week") located under File->Examples
The new Key Control is nice. I like being able to assign any key to the movement functions. I do have a question. I can assign any character key, and it works great. But, I can't seem to assign the arrow keys or number keys on the keypad. I'm sure I just don't understand how to do it. Should I be using some escape or alt sequence for those keys? I guess it could be my keyboard, too. It's a wireless Logitech. The arrow keys do work with the Sabertooth Movement Panel.
This perhaps may be do to the idea that there are a couple keys that need an override routine to be used in the initialization in c#. He has it used in the motor controlers and movement panels however perhaps it may not be added to the key control.
New Zealand
Awesome.... Did you build mind reading into one of your updates cause this is just what I wanted with the new time/date related variables... thanks.
Glad you like it:)

The arrow keys of the Key Control will control any existing movement panel:D