Release 2012.01.03.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

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In this release of EZ-Builder, I introduce support for the AR Drone Parrot. This is a remote control flying quadcopter that can now be a fully featured robot. This includes support for our fancy EZ-Robot controls: Voice Recognition, Wii, Joystick, Web Connectivity, Etc, Etc.

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Lol i've rejected controlling the ar drone with computer project because of my friends tought we won't success until july 2012.

Next week i'm going show them what a good project we lost.
Genius!! pure Genius!!
You are going to cost me SO much money. I haven't even received my first kit to start building my first bot yet, and you have me designing my third one already. This will be awesome.

Ha! I'm so glad you all enjoy this:) It was a lot of fun creating! I've been attacked by this flying robot a few times trying to figure out how to code for it.
I recently purchased and received the EZ-ROBOT hardware and I splurged for an AR-Parrot.(ARP) I thought I saw video on how to connect the software/hardware to the ARP, (then saw it may not be required with the latest software upgrade) but either way, its a no-go on ARP control.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Love the Drone, but its screaming for autonomy.
I have tons of ideas, but want to start with this to get my robotic feet wet... well... you know what I mean.

I'm thinking this can be used remotely to check things out around the house while I'm not home, but dialed in remotely via my home web server.
I would like to have it "go to" areas around the house on command and allow me to pan back and forth to view the video.

Charging can be done using the new charging pads popular with cell phones. So using EZ controls, I'd like to have the unit fly to its charging base when low, and fly off when full. There should be a standby mode, but I don't know if one yet exists. So I'd have to mod a simple cut off switch somewhere on the drone so the system can turn the drone on and off when required.

Has anyone played with EZB and the ARP yet?
i have ar parrot and looking to use it on EZB ,also wanted to make a ipad charging base
this is a magnet charging design on instructables,that fairl easy to build mostly its a tuned dc-dc converter with the coils seperated,but right now working on my ezb roomba project then brookstone rover project,ARP MIGHT BE KINDA HARD TO USE IN A HOUSE WHEN NOT THERE,IF FALLS imight break or get off ground again,looking for a great way to watch you house when not away try the BROOKSTONE ROVER robot or my project build with pan and tilt camera,will have the same magnetic charger
After seeing the ar drone ball tracking video, I downloaded the ARC 2014.01.25.00. However the new software is quite different from the 2012 version that the video was done in and does not appear to contain the 'add control' tab. Is it still posible to have it track with the new software? If not, is there a way to download the old software and use it as dirrected by the video?
In the newer software switch to the Projects tab (next to file) and Add Controls will be the first option on the left.
wow, so nice, would you tell me how much?
This is an incredibly outdated thread. The parrot Ar drone can be bought in a couple of places.
Question is/can this be compatible with any of the Parrot Minidrones?
ok Thank u for the answer.