Release 2011.12.25.00 - Ho Ho Ho

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Why am I working over the holidays? Because I am the Santa of Robots and my gift to you is a faster, smarter, and stronger EZ-B Firmware and EZ-Builder. Oh, The latest version lets you rename the bluetooth connection - COOL!


- ARC v2011.12.25.00
- EZ-SDK v2011.12.25.00


- BV4113 native support
- Utility -> Configuration - allows you to change the bluetooth name of your EZ-B
- New roomba protocol and baudrate (115,200) for newer models
- Ping Sensor accuracy and distance increased
- Camera tracking speed increase
- Camera tracking smarter color tracking
- Camera tracking smarter motion tracking
- Modified servo Movement Panel compatible with ESC (i.e. sabertooth) with Stop Value settings

Many other little hidden fixes, enhancements and such.

*Note: Due to the new modified servo movement panel, you will need to re-select your servo ports on existing projects

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DJ-Thanks Santa!
It is the best Christmas present, compatible servo esc panel! waooo!
I will buy another full kit ez-b soon, I behaved very well this year, and you also, good work and Merry Christmas from Spain!
*eek* ;) :)