Release 2011.11.09.00 - WOW

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Wondering why there have been so many i2c updates? We have some new i2c controls to support! And it all starts with this release... Firmware 15 WOW!


- ARC v2011.11.09.00
- EZ-SDK v2011.11.09.00
- EZ-B Firmware v15

EZ-Builder changes

- i2cRead now accepts Auto for AutoAck mode. Which acknowledges every read byte except for the last byte
- i2cRestart command added for special restart
- New control for i2c Sure Electronics Dual-Axis Magnetic Compass Module. Soon we'll have some directional controls to work with it:)
- New control for i2c BV4615 RC-5 Infrared Decoder. Control your robot by an infrared remote. Soon you will be able to remote control the EZ-B without the computer connected.

SDK Changes

- i2cReadAutoAck command added. Reads data from the i2c and acnowledges every byte except for the last byte
- i2cRead has override for reading just one byte
- i2cRestart command added
- WriteBinary command added
- BV4615 module added for RC-5 Infrared decoding
- SureDualAxisCompass module added for dual axis magnetic compass
He DJ Sures,

I tried to update my EZ-B the firmware is now 12.
But when i want to update to 15 it get stuck.

What happens :

Connect to com4
press update
board is blinking on starting boot loader and ping.
after that i only get the "updating ... (14.720 bytes)" sign.

thats it.

on my laptop i have the software for 12 still running and when i connect everything works.
Wall-e still does his thing.
I'll need more info. Can you copy and paste the text from the window please? Are you sure the green bar isn't moving across the top? The progress bar? You watched the video?
Attempting connection on COM4
EZ-B reports EZ-B Firmware V12
Press the UPDATE button to start upgrade
Warning: Line 2: Fixing Diff: 4
Warning: Line 462: Skipping Type: 4
Warning: Line 463: Impossible Diff: -7360
Address: 0x0, SB Size: 0x3980
Starting Boot Loader...

sending ping
sending ping
sending bootloader
I am EZ-B BootLoader. Gimmie Firmware!

Updating... (14.720 Bytes)

My other 2 board had al the updates from 12 till 15 and this one was 12 and now willing to update to 15.
It's updating perfectly fine. You need to let it finish. Do not stop it from updating. Let the green progress bar complete. Then wait for the message to reboot the ez-b. Do not stop it while updating. You will ruin your ez-b if you stop it while updating. Hence the nice warning message:D

If you click HELP you can watch a video on how to update.
it's now 40 minutes and i have still the same message.
On my other 2 boards it was just a minute to update.

I will try it tonight at home on my other computer.
Haha okay 40 minutes is too long:)

Did the green progress bar move across the screen?
Jep just like normal,

I wanted to show my robot at work, and wrote everything on my computer at home.

I copied my ezb file to my laptop.

At work i installed ARC ( on my laptop ) but on connecting the program said the firmware was older than... You know ( just do the update ).

the only thing i see what is different are :

Firmware on the ez-b
and the laptop.

So i will try it first at home.
Interesting. Maybe there is a virus scanner at work that is affecting it
Found it:)

It was the bluetooth stack driver from toshiba.
Updated it for a newer one and it's working like a charm:)

DJ Sures!!!
That'a boy!!! Had me a little worried there:)

It's pretty hard to damage the firmware. You'd literally have to power the thing down while it's "Moving from temp memory".

The firmware is saved in a temp memory location until it's completed. At that point, and only that point will it overwrite the program memory area. The bluetooth connection isn't required once the entire program file has been received.

So, it's pretty hard to mess up a firmware update. But please don't try:) Otherwise you'll be sending me your EZ-B for re-programming
Hey Pabi!o,
Im having the same issue but I'm struggling with finding an update to my toshiba BT stack... can you tell me where you got your update?

I have downloaded the whole driverpack from Toshiba.

download linkje

From there i updated the driver for bluetooth.
Turns out I had the latest driver, even newer than that. Uninstalled it and installed this driver but still had no luck... DJ Sures, can you help me out?