Beta Release 2019.03.09.00

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- Fix for continuous rotation servo Movement Panel reported here:
#1   — Edited
I actually just came here to look for a fix on the Beta 2019.02 version of ARC as I get a problem with the H bridge controls,all of them even joystick not working if I try direct forward or any direction no movement until I slide the PWM slider up or down then it activates motor but after it stops same problem no direction movements until slider is toggled? If I run a script it works like normal from an older script I saved and if I go to mobile ARC on phone it works like normal. I will try to upgrade to latest windows version to see is it gets better.

Edit---- I am so glad I came here and saw the Bug Fix as I was about to start tearing my robot apart to look for a bad ground wire,LOL! Would have taken an hour or so and still would not have fixed it, I would have been pulling my hair out with Frustration, Really appreciate the Team supports here in the Synth Forum, Thanks DJ, even on a Sunday finding great support!

Edit ----- And the Terminator rises once again!