Android/windows Release 2014.12.09.00

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- new ezscript command: CloseControl() for mobile interfaces

- MYO updated to v7 sdk
What is the status with the issue concerning the variable manager ?

if you don't mind, i'd like a update on the status of the dynamixel fixes aswell
what issue do you have with the variable manager?
while your here, can you help me too?

mine is doing it less often, but it still has the occasional "mix up" (it'll not finish a movement, or halfway through a movement stop moving one of the servos)

it'll still just randomly stop moving the dynamixels completely. And this has been happening more often. (as in the entire robot locks up and the EZ-B refuses to take commands)
Issues with the UART and the dynamixel servos.

Posted 3 weeks ago

It's a giant fix because it exposed an issue that I wasn't aware of with the variable manager. It is being fixed - but requires a giant rewrite of some of the ez script compiler. It'll be another week or so