ARC Beta 2020.06.15.00

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Software Information

- Renamed remote control to fullscreen interface

- Added "Do not show again" to assembly instruction prompt and servo fine tune prompt window when loading projects (can be reverted in application global preferences menu)

- User Interface displays information on how to create a user interface and access the manual
`Wow just downloaded this newest Beta version ,was surprised how smoothly it found all my old terminator projects on the cloud and was working with no problems! I also downloaded the new Mobile ARC and will try that out later to see how many things I can make work with it .As the Mobile mini computer will need a recharge after an hour or 2 ,if the mobile ARC can take over after for longer run time outside,that would be awesome!
I downloaded and tried this new version of ARC, but a weird problem is showing up, i.e., many of the buttons are not working. This issue was present with previous versions as well. Not sure if this problem is specific to my laptop, as it is not happening in my lab PC.
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Please provide more information. What buttons? What project? What robot skills? Etc.

also, the screenshot that you shared does not have a robot connected. Buttons will not work if there is no robot controller connected. Perhaps begin by reviewing the manual and getting started guides for your project. If you have an ezrobot jd, take a look at ezrobot website to learn how to use their product.
My apologies for not being clear in my previous comment. It is just the JD Bare project. If you take a look carefully, you can see that the text on many buttons are not visible and they are not working as well. I've now highlighted in the picture below. I understand that it's a quite weird problem and most likely happening with my laptop only. Not a general problem as the software is working fine on my lab PC.
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That is such a strange thing! Definitely something related to your pc. Have you tried resetting the ARC software options to default? And setting the color theme to default? Do that in Options -> Preferences