ARC 2021.05.04.00 (Early Access & Runtime)

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- bing speech recognition will execute the "All Phrases" script when silence is received, but the variable will be blank. Can be used to detect if no speech was spoken (i.e. silence) if the variable is blank after a detection.

- allow re-organizing script collection

- Display workspace name for plugins when right-click to move (Read Manual)

- number of back-end changes and improvements
Big thank you to these additions.
Very nice. DJ, you still rock after all theses years!
LOL, yes, you sure do! 

I love everything about this update. Everything works great. 

I know it wasn't in this update but I really like to be able to use the merge to copy full scripts into the same project. For me when developing a project sometimes it easier to put a copy of a script on the same desktop you're working then to change desktops to use it.