Ohmnilab telepresence robot firmware

Telepresence Robot
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Telepresence Robot

This is a custom firmware for OhmniLabs Telepresence robot that allows ARC connectivity. It supports live stream of cameras to ARC and movement of wheels and neck.  To easily control the robot after installing the custom firmware use OhmniLab Telepresence Behavior Control in EZ-Builder.

Setup Instructions:
 1 - Follow the guide on UpBoard to install a fresh version of Linux: https://wiki.up-community.org/Up_Board_Setup#Linux

 2 - Install libOpenCv 4.1 together with "OpenCV Contrib" packages.
Installation guide is available on https://docs.opencv.org/4.1.0/d7/d9f/tutorial_linux_install.html
After installation, run the following command from the firmware folder in the command prompt to make sure all required dependencies exist.


ldd libOpenCvSharpExtern.so

 3 - Install Mono


apt-get install mono-devel

 4 - To run the firmware execute the following command:


sudo mono Telepresense.EzbServer.exe

About this version

- Live camera feed for front and back camera
- Movement of wheels
- Movement of servo motor for the neck
Supported Capabilities
  • Can stream video v4 codec
    The controller supports the streaming Video v4 codec on a TCP or UART or USB connection.
  • Native WiFi Connectivity from ARC
    Controller supports WiFi connectivity using TCP between your computer with ARC.
  • PWM servos on digital ports
    The controller supports PWM Servos on digital ports. These are also called Hobby servos.


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