ESP32 Cam & Arduino Relay

ESP32 Cam
Hardware Platform
ESP32 Cam

This firmware allows connecting an Arduino to the ESP32 Cam to act as the EZB over the WiFi connection. Because the ESP32Cam has few i/o ports, this allows using the connected Arduino's ports as the EZB for servos, digital, analog, etc. 

Connect the Arduino TX0 to the ESP32Cam's RX port and the Arduino's RX0 to the ESP32Cam's TX port.

About this version
Version Information

- Initial release
Supported Capabilities
  • ADC with 10 bit resolution
    The ADC captures analog voltage at 10 bit resolution. This means the native value will be an 8 bit (0-1023) from the controller. However, within ARC the resolution will be scaled to 12 bit for appropiate commands.
  • Hardware UART TX/RX with DMA buffer and adjustable baud rate
    Contains 1 or more hardware UARTs with TX/RX functionality and DMA RX buffering.
  • I2C Master
    The controller supports the ARC I2C commands for Master mode.
  • Native WiFi Connectivity from ARC
    Controller supports WiFi connectivity using TCP between your computer with ARC.
  • PWM Duty on digital ports
    Digital ports can output a PWM between 0% and 100%.
  • PWM servos on digital ports
    The controller supports PWM Servos on digital ports. These are also called Hobby servos.
  • PWM servos on digital ports can release their position
    PWM servo driver on digital ports support the feature to release their holding position.
  • Read/Write Digital I/O Ports
    The ports marked as being digital will respond to Read and Write commands of boolean logic. The status of the digital port will be either TRUE or FALSE when voltage is detected or not, respectively.
  • Transmit Uart TX on all digital ports
    All digital ports support the ability to transmit (TX) serial/uart data at various pre-determined baud rates.
  • Ultrasonic Ping distance sensor support
    Digital ports can natively support ultrasonic distance sensors. The firmware will perform the logic to calculate the distance from the ping sensor and return it as an 8 bit distance (0-255).


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Nice I will be using this for sure.