The Robot Program Episode 012: Getting AdventureBot to Move


This lesson will demonstrate how to connect to and move the Revolution AdventureBot robot. Follow along with The Robot Program Episode 012: Getting AdventureBot to Move. At the end of this lesson, the reader will have learned how to connect to the robot using Wi-Fi, how to track color, access the the RoboScratch workspace for programming, and how to execute wheeled movement.

View the video episode here:

Professor E's Overview

This lesson demonstrated how to connect to AdventureBot for the first time.

Remember to start with a fully charged robot. Load the Example Project for AdventureBot and connect to the robot using Wi-Fi.

AdventureBot is a wheeled robot. Use the arrow keys and sliders within the Servo Movment Panel to move the robot. Color tracking can be enabled using the Camera control. The RoboScratch workspace can be used to create custom programs. Remember to disconnect, power off, and charge the robot when finished.

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