NeoPixel Ring with Arduino as control board


A NeoPixel ring or strip can be controlled by the EZ-B by using an Arduino as an interface. In this tutorial, we will show the wiring necessary, the Sketch that needs to be loaded onto the Arduino and some example scripts to use in ARC to use the NeoPixel ring.

Just a big thanks to @RobertL184 (who supplied the original sketch) for the time and energy that he put into getting this working for the community.


From EZ-B
Ground on D5 to com port ground on Arduino
Signal on D5 to RX on Arduino

Power regulator- This is for the Mini Pro. Yours may be different depending on the arduino. The Neopixel needs 5V though.
5v to Neopixel ring +5v_PWR pin
5v to Arduino 5v pin
ground to Neopixel ring GND pin
ground to Arduino GND pin on Power side of the board

Pin D6 to Input Pin on Neopixel Ring

This is the way that I wire mine up. The power for your Arduino may be different. I personally like providing separate power to the NeoPixel instead of coming off of the Arduino. As long as both devices (NeoPixel and the Arduino) are using the same ground, then you will be fine with this wiring description.


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Are they neopixel led strips? Then yes. If they’re not then, no.
#3   — Edited
With this set it NOT possible to use dynamixels at same time as the Neopixels, because they both use D5?
There’s 3 uart on the EZ-B v4. Which means you can use Dynamixels by having this run on a different port. 

Maybe I’ll demonstrate neopixelon next hack night if you’d like?
That would be fantastic!
I know we all ran outta juice on Friday night :), so do you think you could cover this on the next Hack?