Control Meccano Meccanoid


Connect a Meccanoid to your EZ-B by using an Arduino as the translator.


You may have seen some of the EZ-Robot community converting the Meccano Meccanoid to use EZ-Robot parts to add real robot features to the Meccanoid toy. While most users prefer to replace the low torque and twitchy Meccano servos with HDD Servo. Some users may wish to keep the Meccano servos to use with the EZ-B.

The Meccano servos use a modified UART protocol with 1 start bit and 2 stop bits, which is not compatible with the EZ-B natively. The solution is to use an Arduino and the provided sketch as a translator between the EZ-B and Meccano servos.

For those interested in what can be accomplished by changing the servos, check tezsmith's EZ-Robot'd Meccanoid out:

If you wish to continue using the Meccano servos, keep reading the rest of this tutorial.


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