Calibrate Continuous Rotation Servo and Adjust Speed


How to calibrate the continuous rotation servos and adjust their speed. AdventureBot is used in this example.

Step 1

This video demonstrates how to calibrate a continuous rotation servo.

In the video, the process is to adjust the continuous rotation servo to STOP at the servo position of 90. You will use a small Philips head screwdriver to gently rotate the small potentiometer on the continuous rotation servo. Ezbuilder will be configured to use a STOP position of 90, and the potentiometer will be adjusted until the servo stops moving.

Once you have completed this tutorial, the continuous rotation servo will STOP when it receives a signal for 90 degrees. The further the servo position is specified on either side of 90 degrees will result in an increase of speed. If the position is specified above 90, the servo will move on one direction. If a position is specified below 90, the servo will rotate in the opposite direction.

The further each direction is away from the 90 degree position, the faster the servo will rotate in that direction.

Follow this video tutorial on how to calibrate your continuous rotation servos to STOP rotating when 90 degrees is specified.


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