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i would love to see a ez robot can do ,math,the alfabeth,tell time houres minutes .get info from wikipedia.
so kids can learn with there robot just by asking.excample jd what time is it? and jd says the time.
or excample whats the 24 th letter of the abc.or who is the king of rock&roll.

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Nomad, ARC can already do most if not all of that already. You just have to write the proper working EZ Script. Look at the scripting manual and you'll find the commands for checking sources online or time and math. Ask for scripting help if your script has troubles. 

I'll actually will be trying to write a script soon that when I say to my robot "Hello" it will check the system clock and decide what part of the day it is. Then it can respond with the proper "Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening". He can already tell me the time and weather conditions where I live when I ask. 

[color=#111111][size=3][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]There has been a number of projects posted of ARC doing math games also. Check the EZ Cloud for them through ARC. ;-) [/font][/size][/color]
hi dave i am not a script writer even with roboschratch,i cant even start is that terrible.
but ones in a while i try some mostly whithout any luck.i will have a peek in the cloud.thx
jd doing the alfabeth,uses also his eyes.