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Linux robot 92

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I would like for the ez robot software to have a complete data status board in the file menu that would tell the status of not only what the ezb tells with the volts, watts and battery status but the status of the servos, regulator and fuse panel status. Also I would love to see robo communication where all robots powered bye ez robot can communicate with each other as well as communicate with their creator and an magnetic electric charging system so that it doesn't require a battery to keep the system operating and a way to add cleverbot technology with data recording of any and all information to send to the cloud to analyze and add to its data bank and be able to learn and teach its self new communication methods. And finally emotional detection system when to help it fell and detect when some one is expressing sadness, madness or happyness and find solutions to better the mood of its self and its owner. Sincerely tyler looney



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