Will Huff's Lost in Space B9 robot build


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I'm adding my Lost in Space B9 robot build to my growing list of robots. To kick it off I've just edited a new video showing how I create the silicone rubber parts for the B9 robot. WARNING: its 10 minutes long...and paint drying might be more interesting.

And here is a very old video of my first attempt at replicating the B9. This will now change as technology has changed and now with Synthiam products I should be able to build an amazing robot!

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Haha yes it’s my overfilled garage/shop! Yes I built those molds 13 years ago and I still make parts for the B9 builders club. So this video was shot two weeks ago. I’ve made 500 sets to date. 

Unfortunately i I only have pictures of the process of making the molds, as I didn’t own a video camera at the time. I think this was before video on phones?!
Thanks for sharing those videos Will, so awesome to see the process!
Thanks guys! Hopefully i Will start my proper YouTube channel at the end of summer jumping between robot projects. Should be fun!
I'm thrilled and honored that my B9 robot has a full set of Will's silicone rubber parts. Legs, Arms and bubble lifter boot. Here's a video I took a couple years ago that does a good job showcasing how amazing these parts are. I can truly say that without these parts my robot would have not looked and moved like the real TV robot from the 60's TV show. In fact I can easily say that these parts crowns my robot and makes it better than the original. 

Thanks Will for helping make a childhood dream come true!