Will Huff's Lost in Space B9 robot build


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I'm adding my Lost in Space B9 robot build to my growing list of robots. To kick it off I've just edited a new video showing how I create the silicone rubber parts for the B9 robot. WARNING: its 10 minutes long...and paint drying might be more interesting.

And here is a very old video of my first attempt at replicating the B9. This will now change as technology has changed and now with Synthiam products I should be able to build an amazing robot!

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Always great stuff!

thanks for the videos
Will   your remake of the video is extraordinary, I enjoyed watching every minute of it.  I am sure you made lots of B9 Builders happy.
@Nallycat...thanks! I've made approximately 500 sets of these parts ovr 12 years!

@EZang60 yup i know them very well...here is my shop and 100 gallons of silicone..for my part making...
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wow - I guess you DO know them lol
That is so cool!!!! I so enjoyed watching the making of the silicon parts. You make it look easy but haha I wouldnt even know where to start
Glad you like it. The great thing about my film background is my training started in the shops where I learned about all the manufacturing process.

As example the mold are made of a very strong epoxy and something called aqua resin. You could throw these things off a building and they would come out unscathed. 

I’m able to mass produce anything like robots using similar techniques.
Will What or how did you make the original parts out of, to make the molds .
I was 12 years ahead of my time.  I used a computer to design the parts in Lightwave Modeller, based on the measurements on the hero parts from the original robot. I had the them 3D printed by a third party company (the big leg section was 3D milled by a robot arm ) The parts were sanded smooth and then molded. The reason for the intricate break away mold was so there were no seams on the legs or knees.
That was quite a feat for 12 years ago, was this 3d machine a cnc router and what was it milling for the model was it foam, wood, etc.
For the legs it was a robot arm. It was carved from dense foam. Like in this video.

The other parts were printed on the old powder printers.
Thanks Will that is very interesting.  I wish I had a 4th axis on my CNC machine.
Hi mcsdaver, you have great robots, I watched your videos,

where did you go, I have not seen you, please come back and display more of you work


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fxrtst , what kind of printer was that?

What is a old powder printers?
It’s a early resin printer.

How are things with you?

Good and busy making progress.
What is the latest on your progress?

Hoping to have the first episode drop on Star Wars day May the 4th. So busy finishing episode 3. Need to be ahead several episodes.