Wallee Robot 2014


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Hello everyone and first of all, scuse me for my bad english.

I am making this robot from about one year, and now, i am beginning to make this "run".
This robot, has began to be made from an old Toy.

This was the original toy:

User-inserted image

Thanks for EZRobot, i am doing a new robot very better.

I will show the progress here.

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.....but why are you using two robots?
i dont know where to put all boards in.so i thought take two bots. *blush*
.....hmmm.... i don't like. And it is too long. When it will turn left and right, it will be like a truck......
Looks cool.
Hope to see more as you build.
@nomad ....think about making a " backpack " for any extra boards! I think it looks cool anyway!
i dont have many resource .so i have to do it whit what i have.backpack sounds great do.
@ nomad: i don't understand what the problem is.

I am now building the arms.
Very difficult thing........
you have any pics off your arms.i was thinking too to use the arms whit grippers too from ez.
This is an update. I am building the arms and this is the first hand.
It's a very difficult job because i have very small space.....

User-inserted image
Great picture. I like how I can see all of the important pieces like the gears and where the wires go into the shoulder. Nice work.
It is really difficult to make gears "hand-made".
are you gonna use elbows too.
Yes, i am building arms with elbows too.
The arms have 6 axis and 2 telescopic parts, so, the arms can become longer and the robot can pick an object on the floor.

User-inserted image
nice.you have two i-qbots?
Yes, i have used two robots.

I have a big problem now:
I don't understand how to move two continuos rotating servos from visual basic.....
I am not able to make them run left or right and faster or slowest. Reading the on-line sdk manual, i have not found the correct parameters to set........
@odt- I haven't used the sdk. I did this with EZ Script in ARC but, I imagine it's all pretty similar.

Servo ($Tilt, 49) #Adjust tilt up speed 51 - 1
Servo ($Tilt, 55) #Adjust tilt down speed 53 - 100

I'm going to use my 2 modified servos for pan and tilt because I have no other use for them. So I did a lot of experimenting and came up with this. I use the servo command to set the speed and direction of the modified servo. Ideally stop is 50 but servos very so, you'll have to hook your mod servo up to find out what value is "stop". As you can see in the above my "stop" value is 52. So by setting a value of 49 to my servo it pans up very slowly. If I set that value to 1 it will shoot up way too fast. I created these to be keyboard controls to tilt my camera. W&S/Up&Down. So I wanted it to move slow and have time to react to the key press and release.

So lets say you want to move forward using two mod servos as fast as they can. The code for that would probably be something like the following. Before we move on I should note that ARC now has 1-180 positions for servos but I've hooked all of mine up and none of them work past 100 so they don't appear to be optimized for that resolution. I have the servos that came with the ezb 3 kit and 2 TowerPro MG995.

Anyway, the code:

Servo ($RWheel, 1)
Servo ($LWheel,100)

Servo ($RWheel, 100)
Servo ($LWheel,1)

The sdk commands should be similar but in short, that's how I've been controlling the modded servos simply by using the servo command.

I hope that helps.
ODT did you use the sabertooth motor controller for your i-qbot? *blush*