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I finally purchased an EZ-B, I didn't go with the kit (on a budget) just the board. My Idea is to make an autonomous vacuum, built out of junk I have laying around.

parts list:

#1) EZ-B
#2) 4 dc motors (probably only 2 needed)
#3) 2 h bridges ( probably only 1 needed)
#4) distance sensors
#5) 4 servos
#6) small camera I had lying around
#7) Old Handheld Vacuum

Needed Parts:
#1) Battery pack (specs unknown at this point)
#2) some sort of homemade seal for the vacuum nozzle ?
#3) some sort of wheels
#4) a platform or container or some sort

User-inserted image

two choices of vacuums this one has its own battery and charger. though its a pretty weak vacuum.
User-inserted image

this one is a car vacuum (no battery) voltage is probably 5.v?
User-inserted image

here is the camera I have (tested with EZ-Builder) seems to work well.

h bridge

here is the h bridge, I believe it will work with the EZ-B, it's kind of an overkill


here are the servos ( for camera and distance sensor movement)


here are the motors....
I made a mistake and purchased the h bridge from I have to wait forever lol.

and that's all I have at the moment...
any and all feedback or constructive criticism is welcome. I don't offend easily so don't be
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Your robot is an interesting project. I checked the link and see the engines with no gearbox, engine and gearbox need to walk slowly and have the force to move the weight, two would be enough something like this:
well I guess that's the first of many I didn't even think about that. so the motors I purchased have no gears just magnets, and if the robots too heavy they wont spin? not enough Torque.. I see. well I am new to building robots. I am more of a software and computer guy...;) thanks for the input i'll buy the motors you suggested... thank you R2D2
I guess I can use the wrong motors for small brushes to kick the dirt in front of the nozzle, just like the :P
Do not worry, I burned my first sensor connecting it wrong, the question is to learn. Anyway engines must have a lower consumption in amps amps h bridge, consumption can be measured with a multimeter engine while the engine is running with the wheels and final weight of the robot, to know the final weight shopkeepers first know that you vacuum and battery use (because consumption depends on the weight of the robot)
In short, do not rush to buy, these engines are good, but
consumption endure h bridges?
How many bridges aguentan h amp you bought?
I purchased 2 h bridges. Just in case i don't remember the amperage off hand.

Double H bridge drive Chip L298N (ST NEW) Logical voltage 5V Drive voltage 5V-35V Logical current 0mA-36mA Drive current 2A(MAX single bridge) Storage temperature -20 to +135 Max power 25W Weight 30g Size:43*43*27mm
Ok, with 2 amps will not have problems with these motors, and 12v is 60 revolutions per minute (one wheel revolution per second) I think it's a good speed for the task of cleaning, more speed would be too fast.
Great, just what i wanted to hear.:)
Received the ezb in the mail and the motors, now I'm still waiting on the h bridge , servos and sensors..i can't wait to get everything together!...
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User-inserted image

I have most of the parts now, (still waiting on the servos) so I wired the h bridge and the two moters up. made wheels out of junk I had lying around. this is a test fit, I did run into an issues with the PWM it only slows and speeds one motor. I might not have it wired correctly, I did not cut any pins on the ena & enb could this cause errors? does it matter which pin I cut? *confused* it's way to fast! like an rc
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Be careful of the bare wires touching the bottom of the EZB and other electronics. You would not want a dead short before you even get started.
Yeah,there is nothing close to any looks messy now i That wire behind the ezb is to the vacuum motor..i have issolated it before i powered anything on...haha
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i'm going a different route, picked up a cheap rc car from kmart $24.99 ,cut out the board and put in the ez-b.

User-inserted image

had to make a custom movement script to make it move correctly.

User-inserted image

here is the front wheel gears, i'm probably going to cut the black bar so I can get better movement.
right now it doesn't move left or right that I cant make tight corners when avoiding obsticles it just seams to backup and try to go right,back up and try to go right,....etc....

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